Reality Based Hypnotherapy

Course Fee – $49 | Burce Eimer, Ph.D., ABPP | 2 CE Credits

Using Hypnosis as a Tool in Psychotherapy: Reality Based Hypnotherapy (RBHT)

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In this 90 minute video course, you will watch an interview with a patient of Dr. Eimer’s whom he has been treating for two years with psychotherapy and hypnotherapy. In this video course, Dr. Eimer interviews Bill about the changes that he is aware have occurred in himself and how psychotherapy with Dr. Eimer has helped him to make those changes in his life. The interview with Bill is followed by an instructional video lecture in which Dr. Eimer explains the basis of his approach to hypnotherapy which he terms Reality-Based Hypnotherapy, or RBHT. RBHT is based on Brief Cognitive Hypnosis, Hypnoanalysis, Hypnotic Regression Therapy, and Parts Therapy, about which Dr. Eimer has published in various publications. In his video lecture, Dr. Eimer elaborates on the learning objectives of this video course, and he describes the ways in which hypnosis can be used as a tool in psychotherapy to achieve successful therapeutic outcomes more rapidly and efficiently while simultaneously making psychotherapy briefer but yet deeper.

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Learning Objectives

  1. Explain the role of hypnosis in psychotherapy.
  2. Explain what Reality Based Hypnotherapy is.
  3. Explain two main ways in which hypnosis is used in psychotherapy.
  4. List some desirable outcomes that a patient will become aware of after successful psychotherapy.
  5. Explain why it is a good idea to explain to new patients that hypnosis is not magic.
  6. Explain why it is important to be able to assess the stage of change in which your client is.
Module 1Introduction and Overview
Unit 1Abstract (RBHT - Video)
Module 2Video Series
Unit 1Reality Based Hypnotherapy - Interview Part 1
Unit 2Reality Based Hypnotherapy - Dr. Eimer's Response
Unit 3Reality Based Hypnotherapy – Interview Part 2
Unit 4Reality Based Hypnotherapy - Dr. Eimer's Lecture
Unit 5Reality Based Hypnotherapy - What is it?
Module 3Attestation & Evaluation
Unit 1Attestation (RBHT - Video)
Unit 2Course Evaluation (RBHT - Video)
Module 4Knowledge Test
Unit 116 Multiple Choice Questions (RBHT - Video)
Module 5Course Completion
Unit 1Closing Remarks (RBHT - Video)

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Author Disclaimer

The clinical evaluation and treatment methods described in this course are not intended as substitutes for competent and thorough medical, psychiatric, or psychological evaluation and care, nor are they intended to replace the medical or professional recommendations of physicians or other health care providers who are familiar with a given case.

This course is intended to offer usable information that can enhance the effectiveness of the reader/clinician in helping his or her patients alleviate or gain control over their symptoms and change their dysfunctional behaviors. All patients with pain should be evaluated by a physician. In fact, it is recommended that patient’s not be accepted for pain management treatment if they have not been evaluated by a physician. If the nature or quality of the pain changes in any notable way, the patient should see his or her physician.